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I just picked up an 06 Cayman S with 25k miles. Great car! Except - It has the CDR-24 with bose. I've already picked up a Kenwood DDX 6903S head unit and planned on using a Connects2 CT51-PO04 HUR harness. Long story short - After over a month of waiting, checking, and being told it should be at my house any day now the place I ordered it from finally told me it hadn't shipped from England yet. I cancelled the order and am waiting for a refund... I’m not ready to swallow hard and go $650 ish for the NAV HUR. So, on to plan B - Pull the Bose amp and replace it with an aftermarket and try to keep the stock speakers.

My plan:
- Pick up the mating connector for the vehicle harness in the frunk so I don’t have to cut many wires ($45 - it'll pay for itself in cursing)
- Run an RCA cable from the head unit to the new amp, split this signal with Y connectors to give me 4 channels to power the 4 front channels.
- The rear speakers will be fed from the head unit
- Pick up a CAI subwoofer retention harness. Looks like it takes the RCA output and just combines the shields into one wire and the center pins into another. I may just make this myself (another $45). Short run from the head unit to the sub – minimal wire cutting.

My questions:
- Are there crossovers for the front dash tweeters and the door mounted mids?
- What is the impedance of the rear speakers? Will I overload the head unit powering them directly?

If you’ve done this or know the answers please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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