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Hi guys

Advice please.

Forgive me for my simpleness of explaining what I saw.
Im not mechanically minded.

Ive not had the car for longer than 3 months from 2nd hand - and all i can say I was impressed by how smoothly the car did change gears when in D mode. Much better than my other semi automatic BMWs I've had in the past.

I have been all day at a local indy - getting an exhaust fitted.
It took all day because the exhaust flanges had corroded away - and it was a nightmare getting it all off and fitted.

Needless to say there was a lot of bashing going on to get things cut away.
They had to take the headers physically off, disconnect all the connectors, to allow them to actually get at the exhaust flange near the headers to cut away the bolts.

When I drive away I get flashing 4 in gear selection window - and Emergency Tiptronic mode.
When I accelerate or come to a stop - I can notice the car changing gear but it seems to shift up and down gears slowly - but doesn't sound right - and its doesn't go above changing 4th gear.

Putting in reverse works - but no lights show on the gear display.
Putting in park and N works but still flashing 4th.

When we had the car up on a ramp - they noticed there was a slight amount of oil - and I'm not sure what the guy was telling me but think he said drive train seal...
Perhaps not related to this fault.
I have attached pictures anyways.

A friend said disconnect the battery for 30 mins and reconnect.
I tried that and still get the same warning light.

Any suggestions welcome...

Pictures of oily bits
right side

left side

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Heh Schell

Nope apart from you - no one else here ...

Ive discovered luckily from another forum apart from the obvious get the codes read
To check the multi function switch - which is meant to be quite close to where the work would have been done - and this may have been dislodged or damaged...

Did you figure out what was going on with your transmission, the only thing I think I have seen on the forum is about servicing it.
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