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Hello all.

I had a speed yellow 2001 Boxster for many years. Was active on Pete's board, and performed loads of modifications.

Just got back into a Boxster, 2011 S model.

First thing I noticed is that many of the Mods performed back then are included now. Plant to keep this one pretty much stock.

The one item I find hard to believe that hasn't been updated is an automatic headlight function.

Has anyone figured out a mod to enable this function? Seems like one of the VW switches might work, but I have yet to find anything definitive via many searches.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

By the way, love the PDK with sport chrono. My wife pretty much stopped driving my last one as she didn't like the manual. So far seems to be the best of both worlds. She loves it, and I can certainly have all the fun I need to have with it.


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This is a post from an Australian 987.2 owner on where he discusses his efforts to achieve this. This is the only comment in the whole thread that relates any form of success....he makes a good point about the light sensor being already present but unlikely to be something you can hack into.

"I have an Australian Cayman 987.2. I am not sure how my light switch compares to the 987.1 and 997.1 series. About 3 years ago I purchased a universal headlight light sensor kit. I used this to apply a negative voltage to one of the pins on the back of my headlight switch. There are pins for each type of light, i.e. fogs, parking lights, headlights etc. This turned on the headlights when there was darkness. The dashboard lit up except the PCM and ventilation controls. I then placed a diode (1N4002) from the headlight pin (5?) to the parking light pin (2?). Everything then worked as it should.
Prior to this I tried a VW Golf switch with auto function. It plugged straight in but its internal electronics work in an entirely different fashion and this was unsuccessful.
Interestingly, our cars already have the hardware in place. There is a light sensor in the centre of the dashboard that allows the Coming Home lights to work only in the dark. I think that correct programming would enable automatic headlight function but it is probably impossible to 'crack' the system.
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