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Boxster Roof - Scratchy Staticky noise??

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Hey all,

I brought my wife to the train this morning in the Boxster as it was above freezing and I'm working from home. On the way home though, I noticed something that I don't recall hearing before so I'm pretty sure it's new.

It sounded at first like a bit of static on the radio but then I muted it and realized it's coming from the rear section of the interior roof fabric. The sound is almost like fabric tearing or scratching or something. When I got home and parked, I noticed that if I press on that rear section, it makes a sort of crunchy noise so I'm fairly certain that it's just that noise as I'm going over bumps in the road and what not.

The inner lining is stretched taut and feels very elastic. The noise is as though there were a bit of very old foam between the two layers and when I press lightly on the inner layer, it's crunching that foam just a little. I think that's my best description of what it sounds like. The front section right over my head makes no such sound. It's just the rear section over the roll bars.

Again... the weird thing is that I've never noticed this before. I'm sure it has to be a new occurrence. It's not horrible or anything, but definitely something you wouldn't miss as it was fairly constant.

Has anyone had a similar issue and know of a resolution?
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I had this noise problem with my 2016 (it was intermittent). Took it to the dealer. Service manager went with me for a ride and heard the noise. Took the car in the shop for less than an hour, made some adjustments to the top mechanism and the problem was fixed. It was the top rubbing against the roll bar.
I don't think it is just fabric but perhaps the hardware underneath. My noise sounded more like a rattle I think. Go to the dealer when it is making noise and show them. They can fix it. If you're in the Philly area go to Main Line Porsche.
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