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2005 Boxster S, 75% street, 25% track for my kids. Tires are tearing up on the shoulders, so I need to align and get more negative camber. While going through the trouble, I figured a moderat lowering could be the solution.

Moderate lowering to me is 2/3 to 3/4" total, while also maintaining stock ride quality. One good side effect of lowering should be that I can get a little more negative camber without changing the lower control arms. I found with other Porsches that for every10mm lower I could pick up about -0.2 degrees.

My Technik manual says the Boxster PASM springs are -10mm from stock and that spring rates are up slightly from 154/188 to 188/228. That sounds great.

I also have read about compensators (spacers) between the perch and spring, so in theory if my car has 6.5mm compensators, I might be able to remove them and thus lower the car 16.5mm using the PASM springs.

Does anyone have any experience with this and / or have a set of used PASM springs taking up space in the garage for me to experiment with?

Otherwise, looks like a set of Eibachs, which might lower too much and then I'd have to add compensators.


P.S. Note to mods - I posted here and in competition knowing that some that mod don't compete, so am trying to encourage responses from both groups.
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