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Long story short, i have a 08 cayman 2.7 tiptronic ( slowest cayman ), this is also my daily driver. Im a completely brandnew person to porsche ( to any car ever since im 23 y/o ), have no basic anything about car, saw this cayman in dealership, test drive and now still in love with it. Read every acticles and information and i learn quite a bit about my car( most information from here ) now im asking for advise ( i dont care if you guys call me stupid or anything because everybody has to start somewhere ) hope member in here are dumbass-friendly. Start with things already done
- wheel spacer 7mm/14mm
- 4 brand new all season tires ( i live in kansas so i need them )
- 4 brand new brake pad ( make sure i survive thru the winter )
- resurface 4 brake disc ( same purpose )
- 4 wheels painted black
Total cost: 2200$
Things im working on ( already ordered, 2 more days will be here and will update for you guys )
- cayman 987 side skirts
- gt3 front bumper
- gt3 rear bumper
- gt3 rs2 wing
Total cost 5500$ ( estimate after paint and installl + 1200 - 1500$ )
Everything is from NR Auto, thank you Taylor so much for helping me.
Thing im going to do after thing im working on finish
- h&r sport spring ( after the kits install to make sure it look right )
- Porsche 987 race plenum kit ( ECU flash include from softronic )
- porsche 987 NHP 200 cell header
- porsche 987 NHP performance exhaust
- NHP x-pipe with tip
Total cost: few thousands but this is just my idea the guy knowing nothing about car at all, all i can do is google and spend stupid money that i worked my *** off. So now all i need is your help to stop me from doing those stupid stuff and leed me to the right way to set up my car, im lost from beginning so im not selling my car guys . This is my very first project car so im super excited. I dont need much power, i need it to be smooth, safe and enjoyable whenever i drive it. I dont race or bring my car to the track, i love cruising around town everyday with my car. I love how u guy talk about set up intake throttle exhaust and stuff ( i have never seen them in my life ) to gain some HP, sound cool but i still have no idea . Hope to get some good dumb-friendly advise from u guys . Peace, and also is there any porsche guy from wichita,Kansas in here?
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Hello and welcome to the forum! It seems you are on the right track so far with the upgrades, albeit no Fabspeed :'( Regardless, i'd be happy to point you in the right direction in regards to various upgrades to accomplish your goals. Give me a shout any time on the numbers in my signature below, and we can go over any questions you may have and get you taken care of : )
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