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I am starting a new Wiki topic thread, that means other should be able to EDIT the body of this main post (as opposed to making replies) so that multiple individuals can add what they believe to be relevant information to the process of ordering a new Porsche. In the end I'll likely copy this over to the FAQ and another forum section so that it can easily be found by those considering the purchase of a new Porsche and wanting to know what steps to go through.

Who would like to help me fill this out? Here's a rough outline:

1) Finding a car vs. ordering - brief discussion of the two before leading into the ordering process
2) How to get started on the ordering process - such as how to find a dealer, conversations to have etc.
3) Spec'ing out your car - using the configurator etc.
4) Placing the order - how make sure your order is placed, commission numbers, etc.
5) Tracking your order through the various stages, including tracking ships, arrival at docks, rail tracking etc.
6) Taking delivery

Anything else we want to add in the process is of course up for consideration, that is simply a rough outline off the top of my head. If you'd like to participate in this topic thread simply EDIT this post and start filling in information in one of the sections, feel free to add another section, create relevant sub sections, etc. just like you would with a Wiki.

Thanks in advance!
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