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CA smog tester baffled on how to test Cayman S emmissions. Help!

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I didn't see a prior Q&A on this.

I just bought a 07 Cayman S and had it shipped from NH to CA. Now, it's got to pass the smog test.

I took it to smog test and the tester was baffled. He's looking for the 50 state emissions sticker. Where the hell did Porsche hide this? Also, he seemed adamant on getting to the engine as well.

I've got a DMV appointment tomorrow at 8:30am to get the car registered and it's now 3pm and smog test closes at 5pm.


Thanks in advance.
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Check the manual. Could it possibly be under the engine cover?
Apparently that's where it is. But to say the cover is difficult to get off, is an understatement. What's the trick? I removed the cargo net and pulled and pried with a screwdriver, but to no avail.
Check the manual. Could it possibly be under the engine cover?
Yes, the sticker is on top of the metal cover.

Just pry it (gently) on the center of the carpet, right behind the seats a with a plastic cooking spatula to get the tabs of the cover away from the body. (I am not sure if I understand my own instructions...!)
I went through this back in Oct. as I bought my car in WA state then registered it here in CA. As mentioned, the sticker is there under the carpet on the metal of the engine cover. The smog guy will want to see it. The guy who did mine did not need to get into the engine compartment. The DMV rep needed to see it so I suggest removing the cover and leaving it off until you're registered. Trust me, it will make your life easier ;)
Thanks everyone! Very helpful links and advice. Especially about leaving the cover off for the DMV inspector.
Spatula wasn't too helpful, but the butter knife did the trick!
My '06 CS came from NV. I got it smoged and the tech did not need to remove the engine cover. He just put the rear end on the rollers and then plugged into the computer. It passed with flying colors.

I suggest you go to another smog station that might be more familiar with our Porsches.
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