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I've been reading some information on Calico coated engine parts. I could not find any information on the coatings they offer on our Caymans, seems no one has posted anything or no one has used them. Quoted from the FAQ's on their site:

"There are many "hidden" benefits to using Calico Coatings. Engine builders using CT-1 coated engine bearings save time and effort during rebuilds by not having to change and refit new engine bearings. CT-1 coated engine bearings have greatly extended service life over uncoated bearings. Engine builders have also seen reduced damage in engines from heat and lubrication-related failures."

Seems to me anything we can do to help keep our bearings from disintegrating and piston sleeves from scorring due to momentary oil starvation on the track is a good thing but not sure if this will make that much of a difference. Does anyone have experience with coating from them on internal engine parts? My engine is getting ready to be reassembled so now is the time if I am going to do this.

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