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The Largest Porsche Event in the Southwest on SAT
The Largest SuperCar Event on SUN

April 11-12 Fontana, CA
Only $10 Parking

Presented By:

Porsche GT cars Paddock Display
Sponsored By:

Parade Laps On-Track*
Porsche Mini-Autocross
GT3 Cup Racing
Driving Simulators
Vendor Park
Swap Meet

*Track Tour is 2-3 Parade Laps ON THE SPEEDWAY
This is behind a Pace Car with limited speed and no helmets!

Check out the Facebook page

Corral cars wanted: Just show up and park by model number.

Check Out the Slideshow


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20+ Caymans are registered for Time Trial! SoCal Porsche fans, you will not be disappointed if you come to this show. There really is something for everyone.

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and of course I will be there..!!

BTW .. I got the trophy girls..they are way better than skanks they got last year...if martin the organizer got in touch with them...

say hi in our booth... pick up a a free Izzy poster..

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