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We would like to invite all Planet-9 members, Cayman, Boxster, GT3 and GT4 owners to join us at VIR April 11-12. This will be a fantastic event hosted by Audi Club. Audi Club has a great platform with their track days and offer tons of track time with sessions that will be from 30 minutes to one hour! Our TPC Racing team will be on site to help provide any track side support and also help with any chassis setup questions. We will also be able to provide you with driver coaching and review your on track videos.

There is a link to register at the bottom. Please feel free to PM or email me with any questions about the event. Hope to see everyone there!

- Advanced Instruction from Michael Levitas and Peter Krause

- Make your video Review Count! Four takeaways that can help you drive faster with LESS risk!
- Best execution of fundamental skills
- Transitional behaviors: Every millisecond counts!
- Performance benchmarking
- How to read and diagnose your chassis on track
- Chassis tuning to maximize performance on track

Come out and enjoy extended seat time, test-and-tune, great instruction, specialty classroom sessions and dedicated coaching!!

Click Here To Register!

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VIR is an awesome track, I really miss it! Mike and Peter are the real deal. Don't miss the opportunity for getting their input on your driving. You will learn a lot!
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