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Psst, I know, sorry, this is not for the Cayman :)

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for Porsche Panamera Turbo

The Panamera is not a typical Porsche. The engine is mounted in the front, it has four doors and as many seats. Additionally, this sporty limousine weighs much more than any member of the 911 family. Despite its different design, the Panamera Turbo remains a top of the line sports car, with special attention being paid to comfort.

With this in mind, the Akrapovic team developed a state-of-the-art aftermarket Evolution exhaust system from special top-notch titanium, on the manufacturing of which we focused all our attention and experience. The system that weighs almost 12 kilograms less than the stock system, consists of two mufflers with an exhaust valves set, a link pipe with a resonator and two sets of elegant sporty tail pipes. The mounting of the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system requires no additional modifications.

We would also like to emphasize that it is homologated and supports an optional wireless kit for exhaust valves, which allows the driver to choose between a sporty deep sound of the turbo engine and a regular sound with a simple push of a button inside the Panamera. The wireless kit, installation of which is very simple, can also be mounted on the stock exhaust, thus transforming the Panamera from a limousine to a sports car.


A Porsche Panamera Turbo with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system offers a power increase of 8,7 HP and 20,7 Nm. This exhaust system that reduces the backpressure and lowers the weight of the sporty limousine from Zuffenhausen, offers a particularly noticeable power increase between 1.800 and 3.000 rpm – namely, in the most often used range. The increase of power wonderfully complements the exciting sound of the Panamera, generated by the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system.

Evolution system, homologated:
- titanium link pipe with resonator
- titanium mufflers with integrated exhaust flaps
- 4 titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:
- plus 8,7 HP (at 6.360 rpm)
- plus 20,7 Nm (at 2.550 rpm)
- minus 11,72 kg

- wireless kit for exhaust valves

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