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Yes, there are ways to
upgrade your sound system while retaining the CDR24 or the PCM head-unit;
however, the difficulty and cost of doing so depends on whether you have the
standard, sound package plus, or Bose audio system. Because the standard audio
system and sound package plus audio system use analog signals, they are the
easier to re-amplify. However, adding amplification will require new wiring in
the car, especially with the sound package plus that is powered by two different
sources. While changing speakers without adding amplification is possible with
these two systems, you will not notice an improvement in sound quality over the
current CDT treated-paper cone speakers because the problem is not speaker
quality, it is the lack of power.

In order to upgrade the Bose system and maintain the current head-unit,
you would have to use in-line resistors for the speakers and add a line-signal
processor after the Bose amplifier in order to acquire an analog signal. You
would be unable to retain all of the speakers.

Past attempts at upgrading amplification and speakers have had poor
results because of the signal processing of the car’s head-units, which turns
down bass and treble as the volume gets high in order to protect the
under-driven speakers. Users that have done the upgrades have eventually
resorted to using a new head-unit and a whole new audio system. However,
several users have had success with adding a subwoofer in order to improve the
sound of their systems and you can see the following threads for more
information on doing so.


Added a subwoofer

Drivers Door Wire Harness Drivers Door Wire

Subwoofer short:

An easy way to improve bass-response for your standard or sound package
plus audio system is to add a subwoofer. The most commonly installed unit on
this website is the Kenwood KSC-SW1 unit, because it is small enough to be
installed behind the driver or passenger seat, or lay flat above the engine
compartment. Also, the amplifier in the unit is small enough to be powered from
the fuse typically used to power the Bose amplifier. However, other companies
such as Infinity and Pioneer also make powered and non-powered shallow-enclosure
subwoofers that you can add to the Cayman. Just remember, a non-powered
subwoofer will need an external amplifier, and large amplifiers will have to be
powered directly from the battery. A subwoofer is very simple to wire into the
existing audio system. You have to splice into the rear-left and rear-right
speaker wires as they come out of the head-unit. These leads are located on the
brown, plug B and the pin-out is as follows:

1 - R/R +

2 - R/R -

3 - F/R +

4 - F/R -

5 - F/L +

6 - F/L -

7 - R/L +

8 - R/L -


Added a Subwoofer

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