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Car Cover or Car Curtain?

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Has anyone used a garage car curtain? These are transparent heavy vinyl curtains that hang from the ceiling around two sides of the car (front and one side). Protects against bumps during garage activity. The curtain won't protect against dust, but on the other hand, no chance of scratching the paint with car cover use. What do you think, inside cover or curtain?
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That is one expensive shower curtain. I'm not sure what it's designed to protect against...
It is the most ridiculous looking thing I have ever seen in a garage, but it seems like a clever idea to "define the space" around your car and keep activity away from a car.

I guess it depends upon what your garage is like. My Cayman is out of the main animal trail from the house to the minivan and has it's own door. If I knew that the monkeys were going to be swinging backpacks near my car every time they came and went, I could see getting something like this.

But it would have to have skulls or radiation symbols on the vinyl.
I vote for neither. I use a car cover but only after it has been washed....putting on a car cover after a drive is a great way to scratch paint.

I would go with a car bubble/capsule. You will get dust protection, keep hands and randomn scratches away, and not cause scratches with dirt already on the car.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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