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by: K-Man S

Description: First I would like to thank our sponsor Motor-Lux for sending a set of their glossy finish carbon fiber side air intake scoops for installation. Motor-Lux also provides the same intakes in a dry carbon fiber. One important point when you open the box, be very careful in handling the intakes as they will have metal pieces protruding from them that are used to hold the wire mesh on. Those pieces are sharp so please be careful when handling these intakes. Here are the two intakes out of the box and the wire mesh that can be used to add screens to each scoop. The first image is of the scoop on the left (US driver's side) side of the car and the second picture is of the scoop for the other side.
Notice that the scoop for the right side includes the factory inner plastic piece that has been modified to accept the carbon fiber intake scoop and is held together by 2 bolts with large washers. There is no need to tighten the nuts down tight at this point because the side intake hasn't been positioned yet and if you add the screen you have to separate the parts anyway.
For the removal of the factory side intakes see these prior articles: decided to start with the piece for the left side first. Here is that piece flipped over so you can see the backside of it:
Note that there are 4 stright prongs sticking up, 2 above and 2 below the opening, those are for holding down the wire mesh screen. Since I already had a wire mesh screen in my intake internal collar piece I simply bent those 4 out of the way. If you need the screen then cut a piece to fit and place it over the prongs and bend the prongs to hold the piece in place. There are also metal "loops" that are attached to the intake piece as well on the back side. These loops are bascially "tabs" that you are going to fit and bend around the sheet metal of your car to hold them into place.The next thing I did was to test fit the intake piece, here is a photo of a quick test fit to check alignment and tab location, note that I have not yet bent the 4 striaight prongs for holding the wire mesh screen back yet.
Next I pulled the intake piece back out and did some bending of the tabs to get them into a position where I could put the intake in and have it somewhat snug then bend the tabs back towards me locking them around the sheet metal of the car. I found that at least one of the tabs I had to bend downward to clear one of the internal mounting points for the factory side intake pieces and the tab at the very top middle unfortunately lined up exactly with an existing metal tab on the body sheet metal and thus I could not bend that tab around it without removing some of the internal rubber liner which I didn't want to do.
Apologies for the blurry photo, but here I've put the intake piece in, bent all the tabs around and you can see my pre-existing wire mesh from my previous de-snorking of the car.
A couple of pics of the finished piece on the left side:
Ok now it is time to tackle the other side of the car. I once again removed the factory side intake per the instructions in previous articles. Upon doing so I noticed I had a broken pin from the factory, not a big deal I could get one from my dealer later if need be. I debated whether or not to install a mesh on this side of the car. From the factory there is no mesh and this side of the car is just a vent for the engine compartment to vent hot air out or take cool air in. I decided for the purpose of doing this article I'd go ahead and add a mesh. The first step then was to take apart the carbon fiber intake piece from the factory plastic backing piece which mean removing the 2 nuts and washers that you can see in the following picture:
Next I cut a piece of mesh slightly larger than the opening and fit it down over the 4 straight prongs.
I then took this piece back off and took it outside and painted it flat black to match what I did previously on the other side of my car. You don't have to do this, but I chose to do so as I didn't want a flashy piece of silver mesh showing.Meanwhile here are a few photos for your review. The first is the factory piece laying next to the modified factory backing piece that will attach to the carbon fiber intake. Note that this piece has a rubberized lip all the way around it to help seal out moisture.
Here is a look down inside the opening:
It looks like the paint has dried so now I've attached the mesh to the carbon fiber intake piece via the 4 prongs and I have bent the prongs to hold the mesh on securely. As you can see the flat black mesh is less noticeable and blends with the black carbon fiber.
In the next picture I have put the 2 halves back together and put the washers and nuts back on tightening securely but not too tight with a ratchet. Note also the single loop piece from the carbon fiber half that I have fed up through the hole and then bent down over the factory plastic piece. This helps hold the top half of the carbon fiber piece to the factory plastic backing half. I've also bent the mesh around the opening so that the two halves will fit together nicely, this photo was from a test fitting but I don't think anything changed before I put the pieces together for the last time.
The nice thing about the right side is that since it uses the factory mounting pins it simply snaps into place just like the factory side intake piece would. Simply press in evenly and firmly and when it clicks into place you are done! Here are some final pictures of this side:
Now you may have noticed that I did not use any kind of sealant on the left (US Driver) side of the car although it has been suggested in the forum that you can use some type of black silicone caulk to help seal the piece to the body. While there is certainly nothing wrong with doing that, I simply didn't want to because if I ever wanted to remove the intake I'd have to cut the silicone seal and then spend time peeling it all off. I was also concerned that it might look messy or stand out on a yellow car vs. say a black or dark colored car where it might not show up at all. I did double check this piece when I got home to make sure it wasn't loose or moving around and after 45 minutes of highway driving and 30 minutes of spirited around town driving there doesn't seem to be any issues with it even though I didn't use any silicone or other sealant on it. As for moisture that's not a problem here because there is in interior rubber liner on this intake side that is designed to catch and drain water that gets into the intake.I have entered Motor-Lux's website and the Forum Topic link below for more information on this product. Enjoy!

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