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I was on a web panel last week that addressed how dealers can market to customers and leverage the U.S. "Cash for Clunker" program starting later this month. It's amazing how many questions surfaced about the implementation of this program and the questions that remain in the minds of dealers about what to expect once customers start calling them. The folks at NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) have no small chore to get everyone running a dealership up to speed on this program.

From an automotive marketing view, here are some things dealers can do to prepare and capitalize on the showroom traffic the Cash for Clunkers program will hopefully create:

  1. Check in on your past customer base. The $3,500 - $4,500 incentives tied to the Cash for Clunkers program give dealers a perfect reason to reconnect with their past clientele in hopes of building further customer loyalty.
  2. Look at the vehicle mix in your local market. Find out what the dominant vehicle age and vehicle segments (e.g., minivan, SUV, small car) are that define your trade area. And be highly conscious of the domestic and import brand mix in your area. A lot of the qualifying vehicles will be domestic nameplates.
  3. Buy outside marketing lists. At my company, we provide analytically-based targeting tools that help marketers (dealers, OEMs, ad agencies) spend less money on targeting campaigns by using information that's refined to hit the audience they wish to reach. This week, we just launched a targeting model to help find households likely to own a "clunker."
  4. Don't use the word "scrappage" when describing this program to the public in your advertising. The phrase "cash for clunkers" is more common and will result in better web hits from prospective customers. "Scrappage" has been used widely in Europe to describe similar programs, but it doesn't seem to be descriptive enough for the U.S.
  5. Make sure you have inventory in stock to enable someone to buy the type of car that fits this Cash for Clunker program. And if you're a dealer who doesn't want to order new units right now (due to inventory and carrying cost concerns), start looking for relevant dealer trades with other stores.
  6. Dealers should talk to the OEM marketing reps. I'm aware of several national programs that the automakers are working on to help drive traffic to their dealer network. Find out what is coming, if anything.
  7. Don't forget to integrate deals from other incentives/promotions with the Cash for Clunker incentive.
  8. Lastly, use what's fundamentally worked in the past to draw in people who are likely to buy a new vehicle. Remember, this is still about selling a new car or truck, so some of the proven marketing messages and techniques should still be considered when getting the attention of the "clunker" audience.
The results of this government-sponsored program should be interesting to watch. My hope is it not only gets people into the dealer showrooms, but it also gives the average citizen a strong message that there's commitment from the government to rebuild our economy. This is one way to get the economy back on its feet while also helping the automotive industry.

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