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Hi all, lurker with his first post.

I've a 2010 Cayman 987.2S PDK Sport chrono all stock and no PSE. I'm thinking of keeping her for quite a while longer and would like to give her a bit of a refresh. If you have any suggestions to what I should do and what I should look out for maintenance wise for a 10 year old and more Cayman, I'd much appreciate your input and guidance. She will be 10 years old next April and currently has 63000 kilometers (not miles) on her. Im not a tracker but would like a tad more sound and power if possible. Major servicing including PDK oil change, sparks was done last Dec.

I'm thinking of the following:

1. Carnewal GT Exhaust
2. Carnewal 200 CEL cats
3. FVD tune after the carnewal goes in
4. Some race stripes

I'm not looking to lower as being on the wrong side of 50 and with a bad back from totalling a 997 a while back makes getting in and out a bit of a challenge already.

Please do add suggestions and also advise what I need to look out for in a Cayman this age moving forward.

Finally, I'm not planning to dyno so what can I realistically expect bhp and torque wise from doing 1 to 3?

Thanks again.
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