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by: losangeles

Description: Hello Everyone

I have a Porsche Cayman S 2008 in Good condition (I don't say excellent, becasue that is only for the dealerships
, but is like new.

The car have 12355 miles on it, Triptonic and Navigation.

I'm off to Asia April 9th and this is my offer in case anyone is interested.

Third party buyout: $44,500

Currently I'm leasing the car and I have 1125miles average a month, I pay 628.30 including tax and I have two insurances (wear and tear upon return) and tires change during the life of the lease - both insurances are transferable for $25 each.

If I was to do a car lease transfer, I'm asking for $2,500 and references are required.

This is way better deal that the dealership and the car is officially under warranty and with the porsche pre-own certificate.

I will post an add during this week in swaplease and autotrader, but I thought to post it here first for those porsche lovers.

If anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.
Preferebly those living in Los Angeles. The car is in Hollywood.


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