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We just wanted to share one of our 987.1 Race " Cup " build which landed on the podium at Homestead Speedway its first time out of the workshop. The car put down some amazing times during the testing days and didn't disappoint during race day.

2006 Cayman S Race Car. This car has been fully tested and ready to go. Below is a complete build list.
Motor Options

3.6 Liter ( 3 Test Hours ) 0 Street Miles

-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car 2-Piece Forged Control Arms ( Grand Am Spec )
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Steering Rack
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Front Tie Rods
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Rear Toe Kit
-Champion Motorsport Front Trailing Arm Kit
-Tarrett Rear Toe Locking Plate(s)
-Tarrett Front Bladed Sway Bar with Adjustable Drop Links
-Tarrett Rear Bladed Sway Bar with Adjustable Drop links
-Tarrett In cabin Sway Bar controls ( Front and Rear )
-MCS 2-Way Coilovers
-Tarrett Pillow mounts / Camber Plates ( Front and Rear )
-Eibach Springs ( Main Springs and Helpers )
-Genesis Spring Perches

-Numeric Racing short shifter
-Number Racing shift risers
-OS Giken LSD
-AASCO Lightwegiht Aluminum Flywheel
-Sachs Race Clutch and Pressure Plate
-RSS Clutch Stop
-RS1 Remote Clutch Bleeder Kit
-Wevo Motor Mount
-Wevo Transmission Mounts

-Porsche 3.6 Liter Motor
-EVOMSit Software ( 98 oct file )
-IPD Competition Plenum ( 82mm TB )
-Motorsport AOS
-FVD Motorsports OIL pan and Sump Kit
-Porsche 997 GT3 OEM TB
-Fabspeed Cold Air Intake
-A/C Delete
-Power Steering Removal
-BBI lightweight Crank pulley
-Lucas Fab Long Tube Headers
-Lucas Fab Race Exhaust
-OEM 997.2 CUP Car Front Radiator
-CSF aluminum side radiators
-2010+ OEM 997 Cup Radiator Inlet Ducts

Safety& Interior
1 3/4 inch Chromoly Roll Cage
-OMP 6 point harness
-Roll bar padding
-OMP HTE Race Seat
-Sparco Sliders
-Brey Kraus Base Mounts
-Planted Side Seat Mounts
-997 Cup Car Driver side Air Vent
-997 Cup Car Floor board

-Pagid RS 29 Brake Pads ( Front and Rear )
-Stoptech Throphy Race Kit ( 380mm Front & 345mm Rear )
-997S Front Uprights to allow for 380mm Stoptech Kit
-OEM 997 GT3 Master Cylinder
-Motul RBF 660 Fluid
-RS1 Brake Cooling Ducts
-Porsche Cup Car Ducts
-996 GT2 Brake Booster

-Motec C125 Track kit with Logging
-Porsche Cup Car Cut off switch / relay ( Interior and exterior cut off )
-Fuse Panel in cabin for all electronics
-Racing Radios PTT Radio Kit

-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Steering Rack with steering locks
-Porsche Motorsport Cup Car Power Steering Kit with all OEM Lines and fittings

CCW C 10 Set ( Green )
MSI Studs and Nuts

Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Car Front Bumper and Splitter
Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Front Fenders with Flairs
Porsche Motorsport 997.2 Cup Front Hood with Naca Duct
Carbon Fiber Framed Doors
RS1 Uprights
Getty Wing Base
Getty Carbon Fiber 60inch Wing Blade
RS1 Lexan Side windows with Naca duct


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Thanks for sharing ... your team builds some great Cayman's!

Curious if you stock and sell the CAI you mention above?

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Another race car without cup holders?!?!

Nice build and a good looking car. Curious, what are the two levers are next to the gear shifter?

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Nice build and a good looking car. Curious, what are the two levers are next to the gear shifter?
Looks great! I'll guess they're for adjusting the sway bar stiffness, probably by twisting a blade type arm on the bars.

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Swaybar blade adjusters
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