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<h3 class="archives" id="post-446">Cayman S versus 911 on Track</h3>
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Nice description of mid versus rear-engined. I’m inherently biased towards the former
When driving the 964 RSA (, I could feel a lag between turn-in and the tail end responding. The 996 was much better - until the going gets tough. The Lotus Elise, with more rearward weight bias than the Boxster, also exhibits some of the rear-engined behavior to me.

As for rear-engined vehicles being easier to catch, I almost did lose a 993 in the rain but caught it. Car started to fishtail, but things were happening so slowly that I was able to countersteer and bring it back.

this is the other john.

here is my quick note.

no 911 will ever turn in as well as cayman.

transition of wot, to braking, back to throttle is much easier in cayman, you REALLY have to screw up to get it out of shape.

you can throw the car around and adjust it mid corner to your hearts content, can’t really do that in 911’s unless you are pro or semi pro.

you f up in a corner, quick counter steer, keep throttle down, it will come back. in a 911, you do the same but you MUST also PRAY.

Check my post on the AWD vs FWD vs RWD comparison:
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