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A bit of a strange one, but can anyone offer any input as to the negative impacts of running Cayman spec Carrera Sport wheels on a 997 S ( the fronts are the same spec so no issues there). Obviously, there would be less contact patch and grip from the rears ( 265's vs 295's), but any other negatives ?

The rears are 10" wide with a 42mm offset, whereas the Carrera S II rears on my car are 11" with 67 mm offset. I've tried the rear wheels on my car and they fill the wheel arches perfectly...just shy of being flush with the fender, and there are no clearance issues. They look the same as the 11" wheel with 15 mm spacers. So esthetically they are perfect !

Reason I'm asking is that I just sold my Cayman S and have these Carrera sport wheels as an extra set. I was going to stick them in the classifieds, but love the look of them and figured why not give them a try.
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