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CDR-24 replacement for double DIN Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX

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I purchased a double din Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX and want to replace my CDR-24 radio on my 2005 Boxster it doesnt have the bose system but I am not sure if it have the Sound Package Plus (SSP) or not.

I am trying to understand and confirm where each wire connects but I still have some unknown, some help from someone who have done similar would be great :)

attached the CDR-24 pinout and below the online manual for the DMH-W2770NEX


The wires available that was connected to the CDR-24 are:

Connector A
- A2 red/black - 12V Switched output
- A4 Red/Green - 12V Battery Power Input
- A5 White - 12V switched Output
- A8 Brown - Ground

Connector B
- 8 Speaker output wire to connect to the DMH speaker wires

Connector C
- C1 Yellow/Blue
- C2 Red/White
- C4 Bleu/Black
- C20 On/Off Input

The wires I need to connect for the DMH-W2770NEX are:

- Yellow wire - Need constant power - Connect to A4 Red/Green 12V Battery Power Input ?
- Red Wire - Need Key on/off switch - Connect to A2 12V Switched output ?
- Black Wire - Need Ground - Connect to frame or A8 Brown ground ?
- Purple/White - Reverse Gear on/off - Run a wire and Connect to 12V+ backup lamp, what the best location ?
- Light Green - Parking Brake on/off/on Switch - Run a wire and Connect to parking brake power supply switch ?
- Blue/White - System Remote Control - can be Skipped, how do I confirm if I have an amplifier it need to connect to ?
- Yellow/Black - External Mute - Can be Skipped, or where can this be connected ?
- Orange/White - Illumination - Can be Skipped, or where can this be connected ?

thanks a lot!


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Have you pulled out the CDR24 yet?
I ask because I am sceptcal that all those A block wire locations will be populated. Especially any switched +12v. Normally you need to run a +12 v wire from the fuse box unless you also have a Canbus interface. The CDR24 obly uses constant 12v input and gets a "turn on" message over Canbus.
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