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I have a 2011 Cayman S with desnork, EVOMS intake, and Remus catback. I installed the IPD Competition plenum with the larger throttle body this past weekend.

Installation was pretty straightforward although tedious... the instructions mentioned a vacuum line that is epoxied "in the rear of the factory intake plenum towards the front of the car" that needs to be cut; I had no such line to my factory plenum. I found a single vacuum line coming from the front of the car that led to a Y connector, which then split to the solenoids and canisters. I cut these and capped one per the instructions and installed the other on the new plenum as directed.

On first startup, the car was running very poorly with almost no throttle response, and immediate CELs. I rechecked and found that the TB connector was not properly engaged. Plugged it in, restarted the car, and all returned to normal. I plugged in my cheap wifi OBD2 plug and found a P1094 (Mass air flow in front of throttle implausible) error code that was listed as "permanent." Additionally there was a P2123 and P2127 (both codes related to throttle position low/high input) listed as "Confirmed," but not "permanent." There were NO codes prior to this mod. I cleared the code and took it for a spin.


Substantial increase in perceived power and "fun" factor. Love it. I took the car back to the garage.

On my next startup, within a minute of starting, the P1094 code popped up again. I had a few stop/starts on this outing, and each time, the CEL would come on right after startup. The car ran fantastically, though. I went home, cleared the code again with my OBD2 plug.

On my next drive, I put about 75 miles on the car, very spirited driving. No codes. But on the NEXT startup, within a minute, the code was back.

I'm fairly confident that I don't have any leaks, I did a very careful installation. I don't know what to make of that epoxied vacuum line business tho... I had no such thing in my factory plenum, nor was there any place for such a line to attach. I did the old Brakekleen test (pretty vigorously i might add) and no changes in idle speeds. I ran my stethoscope meticulously over everything and didn't detect any noise. I just dropped a wad on this plenum upgrade, so I'm hoping to avoid taking it to the shop for a smoke test or the like.

My MAF sensor was checked out by a licensed Porsche mechanic just a few weeks ago and found to be good; and it seems unlikely that it would fail at the same time I did the upgrade.

I'm told that the stock flash is more than capable of handling all of the mods I've done to the car, including the plenum/tb upgrade, without throwing any CELs. I've also heard/read on similar threads here the idea that a flash/tune is necessary to avoid CELs after this mod, although the manufacturer (and EVOMS, the dealer I bought it from) say no.

The instructions for this mod mention a "Throttle Adaptation" procedure (ignition ON for 60 sec then depress accelerator pedal fully, shut off car) that is to be followed after the upgrade... I did this but noticed no change of any kind. I also read in a thread somewhere here another version of this procedure (just leaving the ignition on for a full minute WITHOUT touching the accelerator pedal). I also did this, again with no change or any indication at all that anything happened. I also disconnected the car battery and got the usual temporary failures and then the car returned to normal... with the exception of the P1094 CEL.

So I'm wondering about how the car handles codes that are stored as "permanent." When I clear the code (it clears the code listed as "confirmed" and "pending" by my software, but obvs not the "permanent" listing), my next outing, no matter how far or aggressive i drive, i get no code. But on my NEXT startup, it pops up within one minute. Every time. Is this really a new event, or is the car reading that "permanent" code? Would having the shop clear the permanent code via PIWS fix my problem? Is there some computer-magical Throttle Adaptation procedure that only a dealer can do? Again, like i said, the car runs like a dream. I plan on doing the tune eventually, but Wife Factor necessitates a waiting period before I drop more coin on this car. PLUS, I don't want to blow my wad on a tune just to have the CEL reappear afterwards.

Any/all replies, thoughts, suggestions, and comments are requested and welcome. Thanks in advance for all help offered.
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