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2007 987 CS with about 84k miles.

A couple of months ago I got a CEL associated with code P1486. According to my Durametric software, there is an issue (open circuit) with my car's DMTL. However, I'm in Dallas and my Google-fu that indicated that EVAP related codes can sometimes get thrown when there are large ambient temperature swings and/or very hot weather (both of which are common here). Thinking that might be the issue, I reset the light and carried on.

It just came back on yesterday after I started the car for the afternoon commute. If there is indeed a fault with my DMTL, how difficult of a DIY project would replacing it be? Is it a simple disconnect/reconnect job, or is it more involved than that?

I also pulled the image linked below from my Durametric tool; does it contain any helpful information?

Text Font Line Screenshot Software
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