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I've just made the centre grille mesh by myself!

At first, cut the mesh along the template by J Copeland "as usual"...

The rim is covered with this; this way.

full covered one is beautiful but this was not completly fitted to the grill.

and then ......

I decided this type was the best fitting.

To my regret,in case of here Japan, about half area of the front grill is covered with front license plate.

painted with mat black .....

....and now let's install!

next day, I used bi-surface tape on the rear side of the grill

This is an effective device to fix the mesh.....

fixed with cable ties...

....and finish!!

How about this mesh grill?

The cost is only $50!!

......and the sense of accomplishment is priceless;)


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In Japan I'm guessing!
Now that IS funny.:hilarious:

Anyway, I thought a "home grown" mesh grill would look like ****. That one looks very good tho... Yes, too bad you've got to cover most of it up w/ a license plate.

good job
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