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First things first, I now have my own forum platform on, the largest site out there for Cayman enthusiasts, at Thanks, Ken!

What I do not have, sadly, are any pics to post since I left my camera battery and charger charging away as I charged out the door at the crack of dawn this morning after a banner night out in Charleston. Hopefully, they will catch up with me here on Friday. Until then, the pictures I tweet will just have to do. Speaking of which, I visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum today, which had some phenomenal cars, and I tweeted pics of some of the best specimens. I start my two day performance driving course at the Porsche Sport Driving School tomorrow. Be afraid, be very afraid, especially you obnoxious kids with the Carreras . . .

As for last night, I ended up at a little sushi place on King, sitting next to this incredibly nice guy who has a few restaurants/bars in Charleston and a friend who engineers Porsche brakes. He was totally enthused about my trip and after giving me all kinds of great suggestions for restaurants I have to experience along the way, he ended up taking me to his fantastic bar, Closed for Business, so I could meet some of his friends, one of whom is the Chef de Cuisine at Fig, where I had an incredible dinner my first night in Charleston. Every chef and other foodie there last night told me whatever I do, I absolutely must go to Hot and Hot Fish Club (where Chris Hastings is now) while I am in Birmingham. So, that is the plan for tonight.

On a side note, while I was listening to the CB driving here today, this trucker was telling a joke that starts, "what's the difference between a condom and a Kodak camera?" About 15 seconds later I had rocketed out of range, so I never heard the punchline. If anyone knows the punchline, please share. Only knowing half the joke is a slow kind of torture, especially a joke with such promise ;-)

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