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It’s almost ready. We’ve completed R&D on our 991 S-FLO intake. We invite you to take a look behind the scenes at the development process here at AWE Tuning.

-One of the first things our engineering team does with every vehicle is the ceremonial scanning with our FaroArm. This gives us the benefit of having explicit dimensional details on hand and lets us ensure proper clearances during the development process. Dane is running the laser across one of the first 911 Turbo S’s to hit the streets. We used this data to craft a suite of performance products ranging from our Performance Exhaust System to our soon to be released S-FLO Intake and Performance Intercoolers. With the blueprints in place, we got down to business extracting maximum performance within the domain available to us. We’re so confident of our design process that we back our S-FLO with the AWE Tuning Fitment Guarantee.

-Better... stronger... faster. At this point we started prepping our Project 991 Turbo S for fitment of a prototype intake. It still had that new car smell and we wasted no time, jumping right into surgery. Note the RSR Tips of our Performance Exhaust System, eager and ready to salute.

-Just a tease of a working prototype. AWE Tuning S-FLO intakes are crafted entirely from high grade 2x2 carbon fiber. Full carbon construction throughout, no fiberglass base layers on the inside. On the outside, enjoy a thick, glossy finish with a UV stabilized clear coat to prevent yellowing over time from heat and age.

-Looks aren’t everything, we have horsepower to unlock. The AWE Tuning AWD Mustang Dyno lets us test, and test some more. We are not satisfied with our system until power goals are reached.

-Strapped down tight, our 991 unleashed a thunderous roar that could be both heard and felt at all corners of our facility. Let there be power.

We’ll be launching before you know it. Stay tuned for a full press release in the very near future. You can sign up here to be contacted upon release. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, let me know!
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