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It was my honor to present the 14th Annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards at the Automotive News World Congress this week. We’ve discovered over the years that the more you know about customer loyalty, and the more you focus on it, the better. And I can tell you first-hand that we’re seeing more and more of our customers taking their loyalty objectives very seriously. Our 2009 Model Year winners are no exception!

Every year Polk recognizes automotive manufacturers for their superior performance in customer retention. Our Loyalty Awards are based on actual model year purchase and lease activity. This year, we analyzed over 4.5 million household records to determine our winners. In these days of struggling sales and overall automotive industry challenges, the winners this year are a testimony to those OEMs who recognized the importance of spending their resources wisely, and focusing on areas with bottom-line impact like customer retention; which we view as a “must” for automakers hoping to compete.

In our white paper, "Managing Customer Loyalty in the Auto Industry," we share three strategic tips automakers should consider when developing their plans to manage and build their owner loyalty. I hope you find it interesting.

In closing, and on behalf of R. L. Polk & Co., I want to congratulate all of the 2009 model year winners. I hope to see you all again next year at the 15th Annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards. Until then, continued success in your customer loyalty efforts!

Posted by Stephen Polk, Chairman/CEO, Polk (01.14.2010)

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