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For Sale: COOLSHIRT Club Systems, 19 Quart Cooler

This is a complete kit, everything you will need, with your COOLSHIRT on, add water and ice, connect the shirt to the Cooler, apply power, pithing 30 second s, your life will become very cool. The system includes a leak-proof Platinum-Series cooler with built-in 2-amp pump. and all the parts below in BOLD. . The hinges and latches on the cooler can be reversed to allow for the most efficient routing of the hose outlets. The unit is approximately 10 years old, and was used sparingly. You will note on one of the cooler pics, a small crack on the outside of the cooler; it is superficial and does not allow water to leak. The inner liner is unaffected. Retail prices below are from Pegasus site: t

· Cool Shirt cooler,15 ½” long and 10” wide, Retail from Pegasus, $302.00.***

· White Cotton Short Sleeve Cool Shirt, XL, Used 1X, Clean, Retail from Pegasus, $159.00.***

· Insulated Water Hose Kit, 12-foot (cut to desired length) Retail from Pegasus $172.00***

· Mounting Tray with Straps for Cooler, Retail from Pegasus $92.00***

· Maintenance Additive, 16 oz bottle. Keeps hoses clea
n and free of algae. Simply add a little to the cooler before each use. Retail from Pegasus $11.00***

My price: $500, Buyer pays shipping.

Buyer pays shipping, PayPal accepted, will ship within 24 hours following PayPal payment.

Caution: Advise the buyer to replace all four (4) "O" rings. Obtain O-Ring Kit, from Pegasus, pack of 6 Part No. CS469 $8 .00: O-rings should be inspected once a year. Pack from Pegasus enough O-rings to replace all of the male fittings on a single-shirt system, with a pair left over for spares.


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