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Cutting Suspension Bolts with a Reciprocating Saw / Sawzall - What did you use?

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im going to cut out the coffin arm bolts on m y 997 wiht a sawzall, buit not sure if access is limited so that id need to use a mini version.

Anyone able to tell me which model of sawzall and blade size they have used to do this?
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Not sure which bolts you're referencing but I'd consider a dremel tool with a cutting wheel for limited access applications.
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Its the coffin arm / lower suspension arm bolts on the inner side of the car. The issue i think with dremel discs is that they are too small. If you have a look here, you can see that its common enough practice - you have to cut throgu the rubber basically at each side and then on through the bolt

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You want to cut the exposed threads between the nut flange and the control arm mount? I could to that with my Dremel easily. Why do they need to be cut, sorry if I'm being dense or missing something but why not just remove them? A tap on that nut should dislodge the bolt.
the ones where the rubber is on either side of the mount itself, inside each flange. Ive cut up lots of stuff on the dremel with an extension before, but i just dont know dimension wise if there is enough radius on the wheel to get right down in there
You want to cut the where the thin rubber grommet meets that metal dog ear? Why? Wouldn't that assembly be free with removal of the hardware? Anyhow, FYI I have a dremel cutter that looks like a bicycle sprocket, not the disappearing stone cutters. You can get different size wheels.
Reason being is that the bolt "welds" itself in due to the reaction between the different metals and you cant even knock it out, so process normally is to cut through the coffin arm, then cut through those bits where the rubber is. Will have a look to see if i can find a huge dremel blade like you say , but failing that, I have seen a number of people on other forums using a sawzall to cut it out in this way but was hoping someone who has done this can tell me what size sawzall anbd blade they used.
Thanks for explaining that, I understand the process now. I think a reciprocating cutter will be quicker and I believe a Dremel will be easier for access, either approach will need patience for sure, good luck. If you do go Dremel get some stone wheels too, I think they would be better, more accurate at the periphery and then once you have a cut groove you can bring in the hard diameter cut wheel.
Did you look into an oscillating multi tool? Longer reach than a dremel. I’ve used them on my old rotten Audi suspension bolts….

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