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The East and Northern coastal areas of Oman have been slammed by Cyclone Phet that struck Thursday but thankfully has now moved off towards Pakistan leaving devastation throughout the Eastern region. Sadly many in this region have yet to recover from the devastation of Cyclone Gonu that struck in June 2007. Thankfully this time everyone was better prepared.

How is this relevant to Cayman detailing you may be asking. Well, I live just about a metre above sea level and the predicted wave height of 8 metres threatened to water log even destroy my 06 CS. In anticipation of flooding from the torrential rains I decided to move it to higher ground further inland. A friend living nearby had his stunning '96 911 Turbo semi submerged by Gonu in 2007. My concern then centered on the probability of hurricane force 180 KPH winds and golf ball size hail stones peppering the immaculate bodywork!

So I decided the safest place would be the second story of a story car park at a shopping mall. It was not easy to find a slot to park in as the mall was heaving with shoppers panic buying with siege mentality. Eventually one was found and it was clear other sports car owners shared my idea as Corvettes, Z4's and a few 911's stayed over the two nights of the storm.

Picking up my CS today I was horrified to discover whitish grey stains covering most of the rear wing and rear bumper, caused by rain washed cement splashing down from the floor above through expansion joints.

This cement mix was bonded to my otherwise gleaming Cobalt Blue paint. I tried hosing and shampooing; waxing but nothIng had any effect. Visions of a complete rear end repaint came to mind but the local PC is closed so Icouldnt even seek advice. Naturally I turned to the Detailing forum and searched for cement removal. Nothing.... But I did find the very useful thread on removing water spots which referred to cement lye and successful removal with Zymol HD cleaner. Due to the Cyclone few shops were open and I was now concerned that in 35c heat and high humidity the cement would bake on and be impossible to remove. I tried vinegar to no avail. I even tried a spot of the wife's nail Polish remover... Gunk engine cleaning foam and WD 40. All on a small, inconspicuous part of the afflicted to the exhaust tip........Desperate measures indeed!!!

Then I remembered I had bought some Meguiars "X" Scratch to remove some whirls prior to a concours d'elegance a few months back. I waited for the car to be in shade before applying as instructed. At first there was no effect and my heart sank, but I persisted . Slowly slowly....ever so slowly my efforts began to pay off.

Four hours later with blistered finger tips my mistress is restored to her former glory.

Thank you to all who contributed on this forum and especially to Meguiars for their excellent product.

The irony of the story is that Cyclone Phet, whilst causing devastation in the East of Oman, just dumped a lot of rain and gale force but not Hurricane winds in the Muscat capital area and my house and yard were not flooded... So I would have been better off leaving the CS at home! Was I just taking reasonable precautionary measures or was I being paranoid?
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