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DC area battery deal

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I thought I'd make yet another battery post this morning.

My battery wound up going completely dead last week and I just replaced it this morning.

I easily replaced it with the interstate MTP-91 which fit perfectly, works great so far and only weighs 36.7 pounds or about 20 pounds less then stock and it is vented which is required.

Why I'm posting this here is that within a couple minute drive of the DC mixing bowl (the south end of the DC beltway) is a Interstate battery distributor who is willing to sell batteries whole sale.

I picked up the mlt-91 which I highly recommend after researching it for only $102 which is a very significant savings over regular stores and a couple $hundred less than stock. I told them I'd send the local Porsche crown there way.

Interstate battery
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lorton, va
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20lbs lighter, thats pretty significant! How do the cold cranking amps compare to the stock battery? Nice find!
The normal cranking amps are 775, I believe stock was 800 but I can't find that referenced right now and I dont have the old battery to look at. It's also got a 80 mo warrante which is much more than OEM.
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