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What a day, we left the Hotel early so we were at the customer delivery center by 7:30am so as expected the first to arrive. Decided to take a walk down to the Museum just to check it and the dealership out.

Outside the Museum they were setting up a display of new cars, including a Silver Cayman and the new GT3.

Inside the dealership was a Boxster in an interesting color, nice wheels though :) .

In the delivery reception area there are a few cars on display, passed some time checking those out too. One of the nice ladies was kind enough to take a picture of myself and my mate Rad.

I was pretty calm until we did the paperwork and were ready to go into the delivery hall, to give you an idea when I went back out afterwards to get my luggage from the locker I could barely get the key in the lock. Anyway some pictures of the car where I saw it for the first time, special moment !!

Tour of the factory was done in the 3 steps, Engine assembly, Upholstery and Car assembly. The one and a half hours passed very quickly, our guide was good souce of information.

Then onto lunch where we had a table with panoramic view of the Museum, good food too.

Then we hit the road to Chur !!

First impressions, road and engine noise are not an issue for me, car was smooth and quiet. Had a couple of blasts up to 130 but otherwise kept it sane.

We stopped off at a couple of place to take some pictures as the weather was just perfect.

The portable navigation unit they lent us died shortly after these pictures were taken.

Got to hotel and was totally wiped, slept great though!!!​

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