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This job was done last year, guess it got lost in the mix. We spent a total of 80 hours or so over 7 days on this car. We restored the paint to like new conditions, the before pictures will show you all the burn marks, holograms, swirls, and damage left by the previous detailer. The interior was cleaned up, and the engine was done as well.

Take a look at what was done -

- Wheels were prepped with P21S Wheel Gel and cleaned up with various brushes
- Tires were spritzed down with P21S Total Autowash and washed down
- Wheel wells were spritzed down with P21S Total Autowash and washed down
- Wash down and rinsed
- Door jambs were cleaned up
- Clayed
- Dried
- Paint inspected and measured
- Wheels polished and protected with Swissvax Autobahn
- Tires dressed with Swissvax Pneu
- 3 Step Paint correction (Power Gloss, SIP, and PO85RD)
- Inspection with various lights
- Swissvax Divine
- Rubber and Plastics Treated
- Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed
- Exhaust tips cleaned

Interior Detail

- All interior surfaces cleaned and protected, including glass, and all
vinyl/plastic surfaces.
- Carpets and upholstery vacuumed.

Product List:
Adam's Car Wash
einszett Blitz
Uber Yellow Wash Sponge
Swissvax Clay Bar and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer
Einszett Spray Wax
Menzerna Power Gloss
Menzerna Super Intensive Polish
Menzerna PO85RD
Swissvax Divine

Wheels and tires:
Uber Wheel/Wheel Well/Tire/Engine Kit

Einszett Cockpit
Adam's Glass Cleaner
Leather Master Trio

Infratech 5300
Flex 3403
The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch)
Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels
Uber Drying Towels


Interior clean up
Before shots

10k on this one

These were extremely rare #10 of 12

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Dusting the crevices and vent

Wiped down and polished

Carpets being vaccumed

Cleaning/Treating the leather

Using the vac to clean up the ashes from the ashtray

50/50 shot of the ashtray

Before Ashtray cover


50/50 of the door sill trim

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Before shot of the lighter


After shots of the interior (sorry didn't take much on the afters)

Before shots (the car was in storage for a few years on a battery tender)

Thick coat of dust

Wheels were not bad but were cleaned up later

Imperfections in the paint


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Bug and tar on the grill

Bug and tar on the mirror

After taking a look at the car we started to pre-soak the car with P21S TAW, spraying down the tires, wheel wells, engine bay, bug and tar etc...

Before engine

P21S Total Autowash applied, Dan brushing down the engine bay

Thorough rinse down

After shots (engine)

Wheels and tires


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Foam gun with Adam's Car Wash (repeated this step a few times to ensure we removed the dust without making things worse)

Rinse down

After the rinse we went right to claying the car (we were in a shaded cool area)

Trashed clay bar

After claying we took some readings.

Masking Prior to paint correction

Compounding and Polishing

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More After

Before shot of the rear taillights


Action shot

After 3 stages of correction

Final touches

Polishing up the Chrome wheels

Wiping down and Polishing the trim

After pictures

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Al I can say is WOW! The owner got back a new car. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into this Bentley. Can you explain a little about the product you used to wash down the engine compartment. I am preparing to detail my wife's Mustang GT. Generally I keep her car clean and detailed (exterior and interior) but have not done a thing to the engine compartment. Her Mustang is an 03 so all components are fairly well sealed, but my concern is with getting things too wet and causing some kind of electrical problem. What can you recommend?

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