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So, I am anticipating a call any day now from my dealer telling me that I've secured an allocation, and I must make final decisions on my GT4 build. :burnout:So, I went back into the configurator to study the options closely. I discovered the following things related to Deviating Stitching.....

The standard configuration does including deviating stitching in Platinum Grey (Silver) on the seats and arm rests and GT4 logo on the headrests.

If you choose the optional Leather Interior Pkg Option ($1,090) in Platinum Grey, you get deviating stitching on the seats, arm rests, GT4 logo, and on the upper door trim, and on the dashboard. See Photo. This is similar to the GT3 standard/option.

If you wish to have either Yellow or Red Deviating stitching, you must pay an additional $1,490 option price, and is only offered if you choose the Leather Interior Pkg Option ($1,090).

$0 Extra Charge = Some Silver (Platinum Grey) deviating stitching
$1,090 = more Leather/Alcantara and addl Silver deviating stitching
$2,580 = more leather/Alcantara and choice of Red or Yellow deviating stitching.

I am assuming the additional leather options such as steering console and visors that say they include "decorative" stitching will have matching deviating stitching also, same as Porsche has done in the past. Although I was not able to confirm as these options are not viewable on the 3D configurator.

Another note; when you choose Leather Interior it adds both additional leather and additional Alcantara but NOT ALL Leather. Porsche changes the "soft touch" painted plastic such as the dashboard and upper door to Leather, and changes the lower dashboard and lower door section to Alcantara. So, no full leather options offered on the GT4. As with the GTS and other models that include Alcantara, you can choose to have the steering wheel and shifter done in Leather at no charge.

Very few people ordered Silver deviating stitching on the GTS - GTS Interior Pkg option. But it does look very nice and is the highest contrast stitching on the black interior. I will opt for the Leather Int Pkg in Platinum Grey - as I like it best and it is the least cost.

Unlike the GTS Interior Pkg which included matching seat belts & carbon fiber treatment, these are options to be purchased separately on the GT4.

Update: GT4 launched in Geneva does show deviating stitching on several leather adds such as door ends. Also, US configurator does not show any deviating stitching on the steering wheel, but show car had booth deviating stitching and RS style colored top-band. Can't tell if that will be available from Exclusive or not???

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Leather Interior Pkg Option ($1,090)

This option also gets you the aluminum trim on the doors.
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