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I recently made a one-piece polycarbonate plastic windscreen / wind deflector for the 987. I modeled it after those made by "Zefferus".
They sell windscreens for the BMW Z3 / Z4's, but not for the Boxster.

Total cost for the plastic windscreen and velcro straps was less than $25.00. That's a mere $475.00 savings over the Porsche OEM windscreen :cool:
Polycarbonate is the material used in Lexan or Makrolon. Polycarb is much stronger than acrylic / plexiglass, while being much easier to cut using
only a jigsaw and inexpensive blades. The link below illustrates the durabilty difference between the two plastics. - Polycarbonate (Lexan) vs Acrylic (Plexiglass)

By using PVC / Velcro straps to secure the windscreen, no drilling is required. Attachment or removal take about a minute. I had it out for a test
ride earlier today in 28F (-2C) temps and the difference in wind protection, warmth, and noise vs no windscreen was amazing.

When not required, the windscreen detaches in less than a minute, and stores in the trunk.
Simple is as simple does :cheers: Cheers..... Tom

The 6 Attachment straps ( 12" X 1.5" ) are made of 18oz. PVC with sewn 2" velcro ends. They tighten around the safety
bars via narrow slots cut into the windscreen.

The 12" tall X 1/4" thick windcreen as seen from inside. The windscreen rests atop the subwoofer enclosure.

The safety bars outline is traced with a Sharpie onto the 52" X 12" X 1/4" "Makrolon" Polycarb prior to cutting.

A jigsaw with a metal cutting blade is used to cut the safety bars outline, and a 3/16" drill bit and wood cutting blade are used
for the 6 strap slots ( not yet marked).

Paper backing on both sides is left on to prevent scratches while cutting the outline and strap slots.

Slap on a Porsche decal ... and the twisties await !

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I just built mine. Makrolon 3/16". Works great. I used 1.5" velcro for the straps. I fabric glued 2" of loops on the backside end of a 12" strip of hook material. No sewing and cheaper than buying vinyl fabric.
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