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Even though I appreciate the engineering involved in developing a product for the masses, I was shocked at the retail pricing for Cayman clear engine covers. And because I almost always design/fabricate/install my own modifications, I decided to make my own clear engine cover. I was initially held back by the bend that I thought was necessary, but quickly realized the bend isn't required unless you absolutely want a horizontal surface (I didn't care). I ordered on-line top quality 1/2" acrylic to my specific measurements, cut the corner radii and routered the edges, made my own aluminum mounting standoffs, painted the back surface perimeter with high temperature paint, installed sound deadening material around the perimeter and installed LED lights (why not!). I am very pleased with the results. It is slightly louder than the stock metal cover and carpet. As others have reported over the years, more intake air sounds and valve train ticks, but I already have a modified exhaust/headers and IDP plenum generating a lot of beautiful sounds so a little more noise just adds to the symphony!

Finished product with detailed engine bay....
(fyi - the LED lights are barely visible underneath the black painted portion and only cast a soft light over the engine, but for some reason they stand out very bright in the camera image)


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