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by: shaggyone

Description: *** update: If you have an auto-dimming mirror, this solution won't work because of the shape of the stem.Hi all I just want to share an el-cheapo mirror mount solution for your 9500ix using bicycle parts.I have the escort visor mount attached to the edge of the headliner but found 2 problems with it: it moves around a lot and causes frequent gps signal loss which can cause speedtrap or red lite camera warnings not to go off.I also tried a "mini-z" mirror mount from links I found here on this site but had to return it because it won't fit our cayman rvm stalk.So on one of my weekend rides around central park I noticed an innocent looking part on my mt bike that might work as a mount for the passport. I got to work modifying it and here are some and tools needed:1 cateye reflector. I got it free from a local bike shop1 3/16" -24 x 1/2" nut and bolt1 large washer1 small piece of rubber approx 1/8" thick1 phillips screwdriverFig. 1 is the bike reflector with the red reflector on. We're not interested in the reflector so unscrew it and you end up with just the plastic mount as shown in figure 2.
Figure 1 - bicycle reflector with mount
Figure 2 - bicycle reflector mount without reflectorNext, take the passport ezmount bracket and remove the suction cups. Then using the nut, bolt and large washer, screw the bracket to the bottom hole on the reflector mount. I used the large left hole on the ezmount bracket. You can use the right hole too. Just make sure it's screwed on tight! Refer to figure 3.
Figure 3 - ezmount bracket screwed to the reflector mountNext, mount the round bike reflector clamp to the rvm stalk like in figure 4. I found that the clamp is too big to tighten around the rvm stalk so I used a piece of rubber to make the stalk "fatter". You can cut out a piece of garden hose or fuel line. But don't take the fuel line from the cayman haha!
Figure 4 - reflector mount clamped around rvm stalk. Notice piece of rubber at bottom part of stalk.The next step is hardwiring the power connections for the 9500ix. Refer to this article: How to hardwire your Valentine radar detector - My ArticlesAfter getting the wiring done, mount the 9500ix to the "getto" mount, hookup the power and enjoy. Refer to Figure 5 for the final product. You might have to make adjustments to the angle of the bend of the reflector mount arm and to the angle of the ezmount.No load bearing studies have been done to make sure this mount is robust enough so use at your own risk. I would bring a screwdriver to a DE event to take it off before going on the track. :cheers:
Figure 5 - et voilà!

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