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Hey folks, happy to be here and researching like crazy. Heading on a wee road trip this week to pay for my new to me 2006 Cayman S. Not actually picking up the vehicle until spring because I'd rather drive it home than put it on a trailer through the mountains of BC.

Long story short I went to the dealer in 2008 to buy one of these and I changed my mind, thinking it was extravagant. I bought a used Jetta instead. I got laid off from my job the next day so for many years a Cayman has felt out of reach. No more. Side note, the Jetta was a ton of fun but I know I'm in for more smiles than I could possibly imagine.

Also, I'm fortunate this vehicle has no front plate bracket, so I'm looking to buy the US Millworks tow hook mount from @olegd but can't figure out how to DM and don't have enough posts to reply in the classifieds.

Loving how much work everyone has done to research and share information about these vehicles. I can really tell it's a different type of person who appreciates a Porsche.
Congratulations on making that dream come true after so many years! I'm guessing you live in BC or Alberta; my first wife was from Calgary, and from my travels up there to visit members of her family (in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton, with side trips to various parts of BC - sadly, none with a Porsche), I envy you some of the drives you're going to enjoy when spring arrives.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts