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I took my Cayman S in to the dealer today for new tires and they threw me the keys to a new Cayenne S for a test drive. I love the tight handling of the Cayenne. I am glad I had my CS to drive home instead of my Range Rover. The RR feels like it has a marshmallow suspension system compared to the Cayenne. I love my RR and would not trade it but when it is time to replace it, I may get a Cayenne S or even a GTS. The only issue is my SUV's have to pull a 7,000 lbs boat and I don't think the GTS can do that but the Cayenne will.
Nothing tows more or better than a Cayenne Turbo. :dance:

CT has the highest towing capacity in its class. While individual components are marked "8,000 LBS," the system capacity is 7,700.

And the air suspension is wonderful.
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