Mileage:28000 M
Engine:3.8 Liter
For sale: A DSC Sport Controller purchased for my Porsche Cayman GT4. As I understand based on communications with TPC, it fits all 981 models fitted with PASM. It also will fit the 991.1 models. You can check with TPC if you have any questions but Tom at TPC had written on the side of the controller in a marker 981/991 and I had an email from him prior to purchase stating that it fits a 991.1 and all 981s.

The controller is a simple Plug N Play item that replaces the factory PASM controller. You can read about it on the TPC racing website. As I understand, it is programmable. The current program is the GT4 (981) program in which the manufacturer provided. It is customizable using software that can be downloaded from the TPC site. I have not made any changes to the original program as it came from the factory.

I am in the process of getting my GT4 back to original specifications so I am placing this item up for sale. Wasn't sure how much to ask as I see they now go for $1390. I figured I would sell it at a more reasonable price so hopefully I priced it right. Please note that I would ship it via USPS priority insured so you would also have to pay for that and if you use PayPal, I think there is a 3% surcharge. If not, no worries. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I purchased this item directly from TPC in May of 2019. Thanks