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by: advantyper

Description: Clearing out the extra Porsche items I have:

1) Only used 2 times, in new condition: Durametric Enthusiast package
Retail $280 shipping

$220 shipped/obo

2) ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid (1 Liter) (4 Brand new Bottles)

This high performance Brake Fluid is ideal for coping with the extreme demands posed by motor racing, autocross, or high performance driving. Exceeds all DOT 4 requirements Dry boiling point 536 deg. F, wet boiling point 396 deg. F This fluid is NOT SILICONE and is compatible with conventional brake fluid.

Retail $13.99 each shipping

$15 shipped each bottle

3) Porsche OEM Oil Filter Kit with rubber gasket and crush washer. (2 Brand new kit available)

Retail $15.83 shipping

$16 shipped each filter kit

4) Mobil 1 0W40 (7 brand new bottles and one half bottle)

Retail for $8.99 each

$50 shipped for all

5) Brand new Pagid RS4 Front & Rear Pads for Cayman S, will fit other Porsche models.

RS 4-2 Medium friction compound with fade resistance up to 930°F. It is one of the most commonly used pad in small single-seater (F3, F-Ford, F-BMW, F-Renault etc.). Popular also in showroom stock racing and club racing.

Model Number:

U2406 A2/05 (Rear T5105-SRS14) Retail $206 shipping

U2405 AC0/03 (Front T5104-SRS) Retail $236 shipping

$400 shipped for front and rear pads.

6) Porsche Antifreeze/coolant (Only used one cup from gallon) Retail$30

$20 shipped

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