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Hello all,

I need some advise on my 06 Cayman S. I had my engine fail during a track day a couple weeks ago. I was able to bore scope the cylinders and found Cylinder #1 to have a broken connecting rod. I can say however that it was the most incredible track day yet even when compared to my prior built Lotus Elise. I have only been autocrossing my car previously and was just getting ready to sell the car because of some medical issues with my wife. Anyways it was bad timing and now I need to sell the car as a roller or sink money into a replacement engine just to sell it. I have found a $7000 replacement long block with a 6 month warranty that I could install but I really don't have the money available for it. My question is if I sell the car as a roller, what would it be worth and is there a market for it as is? If I was going to keep it I would want to go to a 3.8ltr but that is no longer possible. The car has only 37,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition. I bought it less then 2 years ago and have about 45k invested but figured I would sell everything for 38k before the engine died. I have listed most of the main add-ons below. Any thoughts on a rough price?

PRofec B-spec II Boost controller
Rennline Rear Brace w/front and rear tie downs
Factory Sport Steering Wheel
Factory Sport Shifter
Factory Sport Seats
Intercooled TPC Turbo with custom headers/exhaust by TPC Racing
19" OZ Ultraleggera Wheels
Brembo GT 355mm BBK
Extended Oil Sump
Power Steering Cooler kit (not installed yet NIB)
Stock Cayman S Shocks with H&R Sport Springs (not installed)
Bilstein PSS-9 w/ Tarett Monoball Camber Plates
Porsche Center Radiator
Carbon fiber door sills, mirror covers, and fuse cover
GT3 front Grille
CF Rear Spoiler
Pedal Box (throttle amplifier)
Extra 997 rep. rims and tires
Boxster S wheels with Pilot Cup Tires
Harness bar with 5 point harnesses
Rotec Alcantara GT3 Race Seats with sliders

Thanks in advance for recommendations,


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Sorry for your misfortune. I don't know what the car would be worth. I'd guess you'd get more overall selling the add ones separately and the car as stock but don't know for sure. Certainly be worth more if you could find a way to get it running again.

If you do decide to part out the add one I may be interested in some.

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Very sorry to hear about the motor going and more so to hear about your wife's health.

A stock-ish 987.1 with a blown motor is worth roughly $15k. Your Cayman is an especially nice example, with all sorts of nice aftermarket parts. That said, most people who want a blown motor Cayman are likely looking to do a 3.8 swap, so the TPC turbo system might not be interesting to a large number of potential buyers. It is very difficult to estimate a price with all the other add-ons you have.

I've parted out a car in recent past (an old BMW 2002 with lots of cool parts) and I was pleasantly surprised how much I was able to recoup selling off the car bit-by-bit. This process takes time, which maybe you do not have considering your wife's medical condition?

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