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Here is one of several trip reports I want to share about our experience with our European delivery of our new 2015 Cayman in late May. This one will focus on the overall Leipzig delivery and share some thoughts on travel through Europe.

To start with, I give pretty high marks overall to the Porsche delivery process. Rebekah and Jamie with PCNA in Atlanta did the best they could with the information provided by Porsche Germany. It would be better if Porsche could confirm a delivery date earlier to better arrange for flights. My May 22nd date wasn't confirmed until 4 months prior. Once confirmed, PCNA did a great job arranging our delivery without a Leipzig factory tour, an early lunch after the delivery formalities, arranging our Stuttgart factory tour and providing museum passes on individual days.

One of PCNA's best recommendations was to fly into Berlin, tour the city and then travel to Leipzig via train (although we took a bus due to the train strike, no big deal there). We took two days in Berlin, and wish we could have spent four or five days.

Once in Leipzig, the hotel is very close to the train station and we walked there. When in Leipzig, we recommend dinner at Auersbach Keller. Eat in the actual Keller not in the high cuisine side. Goethe's Dante theme artwork throughout the keller. Also be sure to have a bier at nearby Zill's Tunnel pub and restaurant which dates back to 1785.

Leipzig delivery notes...

If you plan to film you track time, practice, practice with your camera BEFORE you get there. Don't waste valuable track time trying to record your track training session. Just hop in and enjoy your (maybe) first experience on the track. Be sure you don't have the champagne at the hotel breakfast, not a good idea if you're going to drive the track! My wife (and for the rest of the trip, the best copilot I've ever had) drove as well, and did pretty well for never having been on a track, and having never driven a high powered sports car (and our track car was a Cayman GTS).

Now to some general notes on traveling through Europe. We've had many other travel experiences but still found some real gems that were brand new.

Quick road notes -- see my other posting for much more. When you leave Leipzig, set your GPS for Kelbra, then Kyffhauser (Kaiser Wilhelm Monument). You'll get the chance to get on the autobahn right away, then some small roads (break in the brakes) before hitting one of the best curved roads in Germany, the B85 from Kelbra to Bad Frankenhausen. You will want to have your GoPro ready for this one! The other great German B road is the B500 near Baden-Baden. Both of these roads are highly patrolled...but the curves are world class!

Now to travel notes. We recommend staying in small towns to the greatest extent no matter where you go in Europe. Take the train or your car into the bigger towns to shop or whatever, but stay in the country, its not far away. Our stays were in (this is not our order of travel, we stayed with friends at some towns)

Windelsbach, Germany (Gasthof Linden, first night),
Trittenheim, Germany (Gaestehaus Otto Bollig, superb wines),
Spa, Belgium (La Villa des Fleurs, Toro Rosso stays there, we drove a F1 track day at Spa),
Baden-Baden (Hotel Merkur, this is a MUST VISIT town for the 17-step Friedrichsbad Roman Bath. Arrive early on a "bathe with your partner" / mixed-sex days so you can enjoy the experience together.),
Marbach, Switzerland (B&B Rothus, Swiss valley),
Verdabbio, Switzerland (La Erminia, crazy drive up, parking tough but safe, fantastic dinner made by grandmother Erminia along with her 4-star chef grandaughter),
Edolo, Italy (Villa Amaranta, nice family, but tough to find and take care parking),
Silandro, Italy (Hotel Schwarzer Widder, secure parking, nice biergarten),
Immenstadt im Allgaeu, Germany (Hotel Bergstaetter Hof (nearby wild game restaurant Wirtshaus zum lustigen Hirsch superb).

We also highly recommend using for all of your overnight plans. We sometimes booked the night before or the morning of our stay. The process was smooth (as long as you had wi-fi), there was plenty of info to make an informed choice and we found good value for the area.

Driving notes. Be sure to buy your Swiss vignette (road permit) at your last gas station before the first border crossing. You can buy the Austrian one directly at the border. Gas is cheapest in Luxembourg and Austria, crazy expensive in Switzerland and Italy. BTW, we drove about 5100 KM in 14 days, so it would be tough to exceed the 6000 KM limit for the export unless you really did a lot of countries.

One last note about luggage. The Cayman luggage storage is ample. We fit a carry-on sized bag in the rear along with several small things, and fit a larger bag in the front boot along with a small backpack. Later one, we easily fit about a case of wine in the remaining space, including a three-pack behind my wife's seat (since she's small and sat with the seat forward).

Enjoy the experience!



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Congrats to you and your co-pilot on a great report and adventure. I'll bet you know that new car very well now. :)
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... It would be better if Porsche could confirm a delivery date earlier to better arrange for flights. My May 22nd date wasn't confirmed until 4 months prior.
We also did not get a confirmation on a delivery date until 4 months before delivery. Ordered beginning of May, and got confirmation mid June for an October delivery. We wanted Leipzig also, but no slots were available, so picked up our Boxster in Zuffenhausen. Missed the track time at Leipzig, but made up for it by going to Nurburgring!
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