He captures the experience well ;)

I recently got to spend a week with a new Boxster, and I have to say it was one of the happiest of my life; something I would wish upon anyone who likes to simply drive. It was like spending a week with a willing Mila Kunis in a five star all inclusive resort and never leaving the room. The moment I slipped behind the wheel I realized that up until that time my life on the road had been meaningless. I was in automotive nirvana; I had found my ultimate happy place.
Being in the driver's seat is like wearing a favorite shirt that fits just right. But the real ecstasy comes on the road. The engine sound is like a chorus of automotive angels singing from on high, the response from the PDK transmission makes it seem like its reading your thoughts. Aggressive cornering is something you'll look forward to. You'll find traffic to be frustrating, other cars always seem to be in the way; after all it's your road now, you just let them drive on it.
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