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Exhaust Sound Collection

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It's amazing how many exhaust offerings there are for the Cayman. As many of you know, I recently tested a system and during that test many people were begging for a sound clip video, so I made one. After posting that video to you tube I did a little searching to compare my production to others. That's when I was blown away to learn that there are soooooo many exhuast sound clips on you tube, and many of them featuring Caymans.

I thought it might be a good idea to centralize a collection of Exhaust Sound Clip Videos in one thread. So here goes. First I'd like to list the site sponsors in alphabetic order.

Suggestion: You will get a much more accurate representation if you have external speakers with a sub-woofer. Many systems deliver a rich low frequency rumble. You will never hear this through laptop speakers.

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Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE)

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Non Sponsors


Agency Power



Super Sprint

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This is a great idea - you might even want to think about making it a sticky.
Cool. Glad you like the idea. :cheers:

Any chance we can get an AWE and APR owner to upload a sound clip to YouTube? Volunteers? Anyone? Beuller......? :)
Gator Bite,

Ken uploaded a video of the AWE exhaust onto the site in .mpg format a long time ago and it's still in the files section (labeled 'stock vs. milltek vs. awe', 3 mpg files zipped); with his permission I could (or you could... or anybody...) upload it to youtube and embed it into this post.

- Suneet
AWE Clip

AWE exhaust

Borla and Capristo are on top of my list.
Capristo Sound Clip II

This Capristo video clip gives a better idea of sound. It's loud....

The B&B and APR are going to sound the same, they are the same system. The only thing about this is the quality of the camera that was used. Also the quality of speakers the person is using. Those two factors really determin the sound over the computer I think.

But I love the idea, I have searched and searched for something just like this thread! So thank you for taking the time!
Thanks Gator Bite, I think that almost put my wife over the edge and an ok to purchase soon.

Hmmmm, let me see if I can get that uploaded to her IPOD so she can hear it when she exercises :D:D:D
Thank you Gator Bite.:D

Borla will be my next mod.
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This is a very helpful collection. Thanks Gator Bite!
Hope you guys like the video, that my toy shot with a HD cam in 5.1 sound.
good! going!! gator!!!
Great idea Gator!

Capristo, Remus and Tubi is the s#$%!!!!
I was thinking that the Club should have a CS exhaust shoot out at the next Croctober Fest. Maybe find a club volunteer for as many diff exhaust systems as possible, and then have all of the attending Croctober Fest members vote their choices. It would be a fun event for everyone. And we could also have a couple of willing members do a scored test for resonance or droning for each exhaust as well, as the car is being driven.
Bodhii.. Good Idea

And the winner gets a Softronic Flash ? Or a clear Engine Cover !!! Heck I will Drill some holes in My REMUS for that !!:banana:
Excellent work on this Gator. I just went through them all and I think I am going to get rid of my Milletek and go with the Capristo. I think the Millitek is holding some power back than the others personally but am trying to do some research to get the truth. Drew
Great idea Gator!

Capristo, Remus and Tubi is the s#$%!!!!
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