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On Thursday I was at the Service Department to have some workshop campaigns applied. In particular WD06 and WD09. If you wonder, what the code means, here is the explanation:

W - stands for Workshop Campaign. Normally some minor work item that is not safety related but should eventually be done to fix a minor issue in the car.
D - is the standard year indicator used also in VIN numbers. C is 2012, D stands for 2013.

This is followed by the number of the campaign for the given year.

The details on the two campaigns above were:

Replace 4 drain plugs under the car. The car needs to be raised and some of the underside covers need to be removed. We looked at the old and new plugs but could not really tell a difference (they looked the same to us).

WD09 (only for PDK equipped cars):
Reprogram the DME control unit on PDK. Requires the use of PIWIS and takes about 15 minutes (assuming that the system works). Apparently there was some fault that got detected wrongly that this fixes. My service tech said that the PDK will feel a bit different after the update because it has to relearn your driving style again.

The service tech first applied WD09, using the PIWIS system. It is pretty cool what the system can do and what it can see. However, he said that it sometimes also gives false readings on faults. The following picture shows a fault that we are not sure what it really means:

PIWIS fault reading

And since he had to use a second laptop to finally install the reprogramming, we looked for it again on the second system, but could not see it again.

Applying WD06 required to lift the car, to remove some of the aero-dynamic cladding, and to replace the 4 washers. This gave me the opportunity to take a look under my car (of course wearing safety goggles) and take some pictures. I also used the opportunity to see where that rock dinged the car that we encountered in France.

The first things that you notice when you lift the car is how smooth the underbelly is for better airflow and down force. You also notice two airducts made from rubber in front of the wheels. I wonder what their exact function is since they just channel the air towards the lip in front of the wheel:

Smooth underbelly

If you look closely, you may see some spots where the curbs were too high.

It is very interesting to look at the details on how Porsche makes sure that the breaks are not overheating:

Cooling ducts for the breaks

Unfortunately, I saw the 3 spots where that rock in the South of France left its mark. The first two were just some traces in the soft cladding, the third one was a ding in the floor pan under the seat, where I recently installed the smartTop module:

Red circle marks the spot

One of the nice side-effects of applying WD06 was, that we could clean out the gravel that the car collected on my gravel road to the house:


Although when we removed one of the panels, we also found a dead mouse caught inside. I guess it was a blind passenger from the trip from Europe. Changing the drains was simple. There are two on each side: one in the front and one in the back.

Service Technician at work

New Water Drain installed

Hanging out underneath of the car of course also allowed me to look at the motor and transmission. Interestingly enough, there is no cover underneath it. So be careful with the stuff you drive over! First I took a look at the Sports Exhaust:


And then the dynamic transmission mounts, that are made in the UK, by the way:

Dynamic Transmission Mount

And yes, the engine and transmission looked dirtier than I expected. But it is no wonder given that we drove it in the snow in Europe and in the rain in Seattle.

Another benefit of hanging out in the garage is to see some other cool cars. The following is a restored 911 in an awesome color (if I may say so ;)) that has a 993 engine in the back. The GT2 in the back is apparently built/modified by Ruf. They just had gotten some replacement parts for the suspension in and were installing them.

Yellow beauty

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