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At Fabspeed Motorsport we offer a myriad of world-class performance products for almost every Porsche model on the market. Whether you are looking to turn your 991.2 GT2 RS into a track monster or just want to add some sports car sound and appealing aesthetics to your 964, we can build a package that serves your exact needs.

That variety was on full display the past few weeks as we had two Porsche 991.1 Twin Turbos in our facility at the same exact time getting completely different builds; one centering around maximum performance and one aiming to take the leash off the vehicle but in a more subtle fashion.

The owner of the White 991.1 Turbo S was looking to add performance and sports car sound without sacrificing any daily driveability on the streets. Our Fabspeed Sport Headers are a fantastic place to start any performance build and adding the Sport Cats keep everything emissions legal for street driving and adds horsepower as well as an amazing exhaust tone without increasing volume too much.

STREET EXHAUST: Our Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe brings the entire exhaust system together as the X-Pipe creates a scavenging effect, pulling the air through the system and blending both sides of the exhaust together in the most efficient way possible.

HARDWARE: We tacked on some additional upgrades such as an IPD Plenum and Y Pipe, a BMC Air Filter, ByDesign Stealth Turbos, and an AMS Intercooler Kit.

TUNING: We tied the entire build together with our in-house ECU ExperTune, a safe yet extremely effective software upgrade to make sure the vehicle is utilizing the new upgrades as good as it can. At the end of the day, this 991 Turbo S is completely ready for daily driving yet will be leaving everybody else at the stoplights.

The owner of the Silver 991 Turbo was looking for something a bit more extreme.

RACE EXHAUST: We started off with the same Sport Headers and Supersport X-Pipe as the previous build, yet we chose to completely get rid of the cats and go with our Fabspeed Cat Bypass Pipes, trying to squeeze all the horsepower and sound out of the vehicle that we could.

HARDWARE: Then we took things to the next level with an IPD Plenum and Y Pipe, ByDesign VTG Turbo Upgrade, ByDesign Billet Intercoolers with DO88 Inlet Pipes, BMC Air Filter, and a ByDesign Methanol Kit.

TUNING: We, of course, had to add our Fabspeed ExperTune to tie this monster build together and added maps optimized for both 93 octane pump and 100 octane race fuel - both with and without methanol.

POWER: When it was all said and done, this monster put down 786 HP on our Dyno! We feel bad for the poor driver that is going to be following up this beast on the race track.

As you can see, Fabspeed can put together builds on both ends of the street and race spectrum. A lot of it just comes down to personal preference - which build would you rather go with?

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