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I've recently placed an order for a CS and have a question regarding the way you fast-forward through a "song". (For info, here in Australia we get the full PCM 3.0/Nav/USB/BT set up as standard.)

Now this might seem like a strange question but I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts (on a usb drive) rather than music...and some podcasts can be up to an hour in length or more. This means that I often find myself having to fast-forward through a podcast in order to get to the part that I have listened up to.

What I have found in other cars (e.g. latest VWs) is that it is very difficult to fast-forward when using a touch-screen (I won't go into just is!). So, my question is: how do you fast-forward within PCM it a physical button or is it a button on the touch-screen?

If it is only via the touch-screen then I wonder if there is a button on the multi-function wheel that allows you to fast-forward? I've not ordered the M/F wheel but will do so if it is the only way to get this functionality.

(sorry, I probably could have explained this better...)
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