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by: jderiansf

Description: I ordered a set of fender stripes from Bob G. at He was a lot of help, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.Thanks again BobThis is what I did to install.Tools needed:A squeeze bottle with water and a few drops of dishwashing soap.ScissorsA plastic squeegeeBlue tapeA razor blade or sharp olfa knifeA tape measureSome towels (lint-free work best)A hair dryerMagnets (optional)
I wanted two black stripes, and either two red accent stripes or two silver (both of which SweetGFX provided). They are separate, and not yet installed. I want to try it out without them first. Then I’ll install the reds, then the silvers!
First, you want the fenders just as clean as you can get them. Then clean them again.Make sure to clean under the fender lip and inside the hood, for when you fold the stripes under.Start out by finding the centerline of the wheel well. Use a straight edge, and a level to find the center. I marked it with a tiny piece of blue tape, but a mark with a wax pencil will work too. This was just to make sure that the stripes didn’t go too far forward or backward from the center. For me, they didn’t have to be exactly at center.
I used the magnets to hold the stripes on the fenders, and test fit the length. Make sure the stripes are long enough to reach from past the wheel well, to past the fender to hood gap.Once you’re happy with the layout, tape the top of the stripes to the hood to keep them from moving.
You can now remove the magnets and start peeling the backing off of the stripes. As you peel, use the spray bottle to wet the stripes as they are being exposed. Now use the squeegee on top of the stripe cover to position the stripes and remove air bubbles. Take your time and be gentle. The water/soap spray on the fender will facilitate positioning. When you are satisfied there are no more bubbles, use the hair dryer to dry out the stripes. Be careful, don’t heat the vinyl too much, you only want to dry out the water. You can now remove the vinyl stripe cover. Be careful, you don't want to pull up the stripe and wrinkle it.I left the stripes hanging over the fender lip, until the rest of the stripe was secure. Then I shortened the stripes by cutting with the scissors. I then folded the stripes under the fender lip, and used the hair dryer.At the top of the stripes, open the front trunk (frunk) and used the squeegee and hair dryer to secure the stripes.
The passenger side was next. This was more complicated because the fuel filler door is in the way. To start, take measurements of the driver’s side to make sure the stripes will match on both sides. I measured from the intersection of the trunk lid and the fender line. I measured from the intersection to the beginning of the first stripe and from the intersection to the end of the second stripe. This way I could see the tape on the outside of the vinyl when I’m laying it out. I also measured from the corner of the side marker to the center of the wheel well. This would ensure that the stripes are at the same angle.
In this layout shot, you can see the blue tape showing where the stripes should be.
Then I peeled, and sprayed as before. I secured the stripe not on the fuel filler door first. Second, I started on the stripe over the fuel filler door. I secured the part below the door first.Then I used the razor blade to cut the stripe at the bottom of the fuel filler door. Then since the fender and the stripe is still wet, you can slide the strip down a little bit to get extra vinyl to fold around the door. Then cut the vinyl at the top of the fuel filler door and fold it around the door. Finally secure the rest of the stripe, cutting it and folding it into the front trunk gap. Now you’re done!
I'll install the accent colors and post pics later.

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